New Book

My latest novel is now available on Amazon. It is the second edition in my sunset series

Stalked, kidnapped, and held prisoner, Lorna Scott, a sixty-seven-year-old-widow, rejoiced when the authorities arrested her assailant, Rick Crominski. Still, the world terrified her, and she hid at a friend’s home in a small mountain town. An encounter with an injured game warden reminded her of her own vulnerability and revealed how much of her life Rick had robbed from her. Determined to regain that life, Lorna returned home, only to learn that because of a technical error, Rick was no longer in prison. And his feelings for her hadn’t changed. Nor had his resolve to make her his own.

Published by Storyteller

I am a writer. Words are my tools, and the world is my workshop. Without mercy, I manipulate my reader’s emotions until I have them believing what they formerly thought impossible.

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